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July 11, 2010

my buddy, 9 weeks old

June 7, 2010

one month

my baby will be a month old tomorrow, and i’ve barely said two words about him here.  there just isn’t time.  between nursing (which he would prefer be a nonstop event), and burping/spitting-up (which actually is a nonstop event), and the swinging and the shushing, and the pleading “please go to sleep, please please, pretty please?” and the laundry, and the nonstop energy of an almost-three-year old to corral, it’s kinda busy around here. but it’s a good busy.

one month photo, coming soon.  stay tuned.

edited to add: the date on the top of this post says it’s tomorrow already, which i know is true in certain time zones.  but it is still very much june 6th where i am, so the one monthiversary of my child’s birth is indeed still tomorrow.

May 30, 2010

there but for the grace of you go i

my tiny boy.  inky, midnight eyes.  downy ginger (red? how did he come out red?) hair.  ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes.  perfectly kissable lips.

the transition from mama-of-one to mama-of-two has been easier than i anticipated.  throughout my pregnancy i wondered if i would love baby number two as much as i love baby number one.  how can anyone love two creatures with such ferocity?  can one heart possibly contain that much emotion?  yes, it is indeed possible.  in an instant i felt that my heart not only expanded to contain the enormous love for my newborn boy, but immediately felt completed and made whole by his arrival.

he is a joy.

May 14, 2010

worth the wait

our sweet baby boy, crosby john, arrived on friday, may 7th, at 12:31pm.  weight: 7 pounds, 4 ounces.  length: 20.5 inches.  cuteness: immeasurable.  snuggle factor: off the charts.

February 25, 2010

kiddo: 1, mama: 0

do you remember that scene in “dumb and dumber” when one of them asks, “do you want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?” and then makes a noise not unlike that produced by a dying goose being strangled by a cat in heat inside the instrument of a novice bagpiper?  part of you wants to yell, “OHDEARLORD make it stop!” but the other half cannot help but laugh because it’s just so stupidly funny.  my daughter has discovered that that little recipe for humor is pure gold, only instead of obnoxious noises she uses an invasion of personal space mixed with absolute syrupy sweetness to drive me bananas.

tonight she was like a little velcro baby;  climbing on me, clinging to every inch of my body, draping her limbs all over me just to get under my skin.  when i’d ask her to give mommy some space she’d look into my eyes, wrap her arms around my neck and say, “but i love you, mommy.”  no, really baby….mama needs a little room to breathe.  “i love you more than anything, mama.”  child giggles devilishly, marvels at her own cleverness and drapes herself even more insistently across my chest/lap/face until i am aggravated to a point where all i can do is just laugh.  i give up.  i wouldn’t tolerate such annoyance from anyone else but her.  she’s two-and-a-half and she has got my number.

October 20, 2009

ain’t nothing more exciting than talking about potty training, right?

potty training.  potty learning.  whatever you call it, it’s not happening here.  i haven’t really pushed it because i don’t want to force my daughter before she’s ready, and yesterday she gave me a very obvious sign that she’s not ready.

i took her diaper off for a change and then told her to run naked for a while to air out.  “just tell mama if you need to go potty, okay?”

she looked at me, frozen in place.

“let me know if you need to go pee pee, baby.”

and then she wailed, “noooooooooooo!  i need a diaper!  diaper, please!”  only when she says “diaper” it comes out as “dahhhpyah” so it’s extra super cute even if she is howling.

okay.  cue, followed.  check.  not ready for a diaper-free tushie.

we bought her a potty at least six months ago and she’s used it successfully two or three times.  mostly she likes to sit on it for a nanosecond, wipe well, and flush the big potty.  actually sitting long enough to use it? not happening.  i don’t want to push it if she’s not ready, she’s only two months past her second birthday so it’s not like she’s way behind or anything, but i would love to have her out of diapers by the time the new baby comes.  maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

got any tips, momma friends?

June 27, 2009


my husband called from the liquor store to see what specific bottle of white i was in the mood for.  he put the phone to the babe’s mouth and said, “avery, tell mommy what we’re buying.”  without a second of hesitation she replied jubilantly, “we buying mamajuice!”

atta girl.

April 17, 2009

my little lovebug


i look at her everyday and i am awestruck by this little creature.  she is growing up so fast and it is so much fun to watch.  she talks, and runs, and laughs nonstop.  she loves her daddy and our doggy RuRu.  she gives the most amazing hugs and sweetest kisses.  she loves to dance and spin and swing and climb.  her love for nemo is borderline obsessive.  she is never more than a few steps away from her puppy and her blankie.  she’s a great sleeper, thank god.  she’s also learning to throw a kickass tantrum, gearing up for the terrible-twos, i suppose.  sometimes i cannot believe that she’s mine and i’m hers.  i’m a lucky, lucky mama.

January 12, 2009

maybe someday, but not yet

watching this old video of my baby is almost enough to make me forget how horrific the first few newborn months were and i momentarily lose my sanity and think that i might want another one someday.  but not quite.  she sure is cute, but i’m not ready to give up cocktail hour yet.  

November 22, 2008

365 project: day 52

two years ago this week i got knocked up.  tomorrow, my little monkey will be 15 months old! i still look at her everyday and i am completely awestruck and amazed and utterly humbled by her existence.  two years ago, she didn’t even exist, well, not in this earthly realm, but maybe somewhere…karmically, or cosmically, or otherwise.  and then, suddenly! bam! cellular collision, bloating, nausea, expanding girth, 40 weeks and 4 days later, baby!  ohmygod! and now 15 months later she is a running, twirling, babbling, thinking, ten-toothed toddler of a person.  

she had her 15-month appointment with the pediatrician today.  she is in the 16th percentile for weight, and 96th percentile for height.  apparently, i birthed a string bean or a future WNBA player.  she howled when they administered her (FOUR!) vaccines, and i choked back a few tears seeing my little baby in pain.  

she had a touch of a fever tonight, a side-effect of the vaccines, and woke up crying at 11:30.  i went in and held her and rocked her and stroked her hair.  and i thought to myself, “there is nowhere else i’d rather be.”  she is perfect.  i am a lucky mama.