things i’m loving today

oh, it’s been one of those up and down days.  the girl-child is driving me mad these days (both good mad, and bad mad) with her wild energy (both amazing, creative energy and maddening, feisty energy).  she is awesome, but she is three.  the mood swings that accompany three are mind-boggling.  i had a “bad mom” moment this afternoon, which included the slamming of a bedroom door after my girl-child had slammed said door into her brother’s head while she was supposed to be in timeout for hitting me on the head with a block of legos.  i went to the gym to sweat out the grumps and then my sweet girl greeted me with “i love yous” when i got home.   i’m not proud of my little meltdown, and i feel so defeated when i lose my cool and throw a tantrum right along with my girl.  some role model i am, huh?   my boy-child is delicious and lovely, but perhaps i am biased as my mamalove for him is yet untainted as he cannot talk back and sass me with a fierce tongue like his older sister who tests my patience daily.  so in an attempt to focus on gratitude and maintain the tiny fragments of sanity i still possess, i’m focusing on things that make me happy…

  • coffee.  my wonderful husband recently purchased a Keurig coffee machine for us and it has made my addiction that much easier to maintain.  it’s dangerous, really.
  • wine.   because what mom can get through the day without wine?  (don’t answer that.  if you’re one of those moms, we can’t be friends.  only kidding.  i just haven’t met a lot of non-drinking moms.)
  • knitting, and the compulsive yarn-buying that goes along with it.  i confess that i have a mad case of knitting ADD, with about 5 projects on the needles simultaneously; i can’t seem to focus to get through one thing before starting another.
  • Friday Night Lights.  because, duh.  i watched the finale on wednesday and again tonight.  i cried like a baby.  i cried like someone died over here.  i half wish i were kidding about this, because it’s just a tv show, but i cannot lie.  it was rough.
  • my baby boy.  i seriously get a pang of heartache that i can only compare to the longing of homesickness whenever i’m away from him.  he is my delightful little peach.  he turned 9 months old on monday and i cannot believe that he’s been out of me now for as long as he was in, more or less.  he is awesome, i can’t say it any other way.
  • running.  i’m back on the treadmill, friends.  i can’t say that i ever want to run long distances again but i’m probably going to run another half-marathon this fall.  it feels so good to be running again, to be using my legs and pushing my body.  i’m only running 5 miles at a time but that’s enough right now.
  • Pinterest.  an amazing site where i catalog my ideas for home projects, design, style, crafts, and collect pretty pictures of pretty things.
  • watching news from Egypt.  i’m an absolute news junkie, i love politics, i love history, i love thinking about the big picture of the world how the pieces in this great big global puzzle fit together.  watching this revolution unfold and witnessing history is just incredible.  it’s so awesome to think back over my short (33 year) lifetime and reflect on the major historical events that have taken place, and then think about how my children will do the same when they’re older and how they too will reflect on events like this democratic revolution in Egypt and be awestruck that *this* happened in their lifetime.
  • mimosas.  i bought a bottle of bubbly on a whim on monday.  you know, because the Bachelor was on, and what goes better with the shallow depravity of scantily clad, fame-hungry women fighting for a shallow, depraved, fame-hungry Man On A Journey than champagne, right?  so Mimosa Monday was followed by Mimosa Friday (which, i know, is totally not as catchy, alliteration be damned) but the drinks were equally as enjoyable.  i think we’ve started a new trend and have utterly disproved the belief that mimosas are a brunch-only beverage.
  • my bed.  seriously, i have the most comfortable mattress and the cuddliest sheets in the world.  nestling into my cocoon every night is delicious.

and on that note…i’m going to go climb into my nest, crack open a book, and drift off to dreamland (i hope).


3 Comments to “things i’m loving today”

  1. Can you FB me what kind of mattress you have? We were willing to drop big bucks on a mattress and couldn’t find a good one. We looked at Tempurpedics, Sleep Number beds and finally just bought a fancy schmancy pillow top bed. The damn thing sinks in so that there is a little indent on each side. It’s only about 2 years old. Ppptttthhhh Sealy!

  2. Liz~I really love your posts. I’ve been waiting to read this when I had time, not rushed like I do most things these days.
    I feel your pain~my three year old has pushed me to depths I’m not proud of but, those depths help me be a better mama, a better person. We wouldn’t be whole without them.
    Love your list of things that make you happy. I’ll have to check out Pinterest. I’ve not heard of it.

  3. You know, I think we could be living parallel lives. Your post made me laugh (in a good way) because I too have a feisty, crazy daughter who drives me completely batty but who I adore, but she’s 4. I also have a gorgeous, chubby cheeked little Bear who is 8 1/2 months. We could be life twins. And I have had many, many bad parenting moments (gotta love the PND), so don’t beat yourself up about it. I’m learning that one meltdown at a time. Sometimes days/weeks/months/years are like that. Oh and I love that you are focusing on the gratitude.

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