the best show that no one is watching

friday night lights.

i want every single person i know and love to watch this show, for no other reason than that they will understand why i can’t shut up about it and why i am already mourning the finale before it has even aired.  it is simply incredible.  the characters, the stories, the acting, the way it’s filmed.  incredible.

the thing i love about this show is that you don’t hear much about it.  it doesn’t get a lot of press.  it seems like it doesn’t have a huge audience but everyone, and i mean everyone, who does watch it is absolutely nuts about it.  people who don’t watch it don’t know what they’re missing, people who do watch it love it.  the downside of the lack-of-press is that it’s going off the air after five seasons.  i’m not handling this well at all.

whenever i mention my obsession for friday night lights i hear the same thing; “isn’t it just about football?”  to those people, i just want to make clear, oh. my. god.  it is SO not just about football.   i had the same reservations, i’m ashamed to admit now, for the first season-and-a-half (don’t worry, i caught up later) when my husband tried to get me to watch it with him.  “ugh,” i thought, “more football? no thanks.”  i married a sports fanatic so i get enough football already, thankyouverymuch, but then i watched it and lord help me if i wasn’t hooked.  it became our own friday night ritual to snuggle in bed together and watch every episode.  we had to switch our date-night to wednesdays after we got DirecTv (they air the season before NBC gets its hands on it) but it is still our main show and the highlight of our week.

we just finished tonight’s episode.  only two more to go before it is all over.  the story lines are all wrapping up, the final game of the season is upon us.  i’m praying for a miracle that would allow the show to go on for another season and preparing myself for the finale.  if you’re a fan of the show, i love you.  if you’ve never seen it, i ask you to feast your eyes on this photo of Tim Riggins and then ask yourself why the hell you’re not watching?



3 Comments to “the best show that no one is watching”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show and am in denial it is really ending. We look forward to it each and every week, and if we didn’t have directTV we would suscribe just for this reason. I’m so bummed it’s ending

  2. I love it for all the reasons you stated…and also because once a week I get to go back “home.” 🙂 And Tim Riggins is my tv-boyfriend…he had BETTER get another show ASAP.

  3. BEst show on TV period. Up there with the Wire, and Sopranos, and any other of THE great shows. Been watchign hard and yelloing about the showes’ greatness and get the same responses.

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