hold on, hi! how are you?

i just found out that it’s National De-Lurking Day!  don’t be shy.  no more hiding in the shadows, come out and say hi.  introduce yourself.  who are you?  may i take your coat?  what can i get you to drink?


6 Comments to “hold on, hi! how are you?”

  1. Hola chica!

  2. national de-lurking day? oh my.

    well i’m not a lurker, but i am awake at 1am. so whaddup you. let’s get together again soon and process my mother-rage over wine and pizza and bday wishes.


  3. What Nicole Said!

  4. Damn. I missed national delurking day. Good thing I comment semi-regularly.
    I’ll have salted caramel hot chocolate while you’re up, though.

  5. hey girl! i adore you and this blog thingie!!! love, kristina

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