right now i am

spending entirely too much brain space thinking about rearranging furniture in my living room, light fixtures, and curtains.

irritated by the cut on my finger – i forgot that i had thrown a knife in the sudsy water in the sink while hand-washing baby bottles.  slice! whoops.

beginning to think about garden planning for this summer, lamenting the errors we made last year as first-timers

getting ready to hop in bed with a good book…  starting with the letter C, if you were wondering, for my goal of reading through the alphabet.  i’m not going in order.

reminding myself that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  ’tis better to bite your tongue now than feel ashamed of your words later.

proud of myself for being dedicated to my goal of improving my physical fitness, but that Step class at the gym last night is haunting me through my calf muscles today.

feeling unfocused.


2 Comments to “right now i am”

  1. I think this time of the year always have people in a tizzy…too many changes trying to be made and coming down off of all the activities of last month. One thing at a time right? I get stuck with reading about people and their ‘super productive mega awesome days!!!!’ and wonder where I’m going wrong with dragging my ass on things. You’ve got company on the unfocussed part, so don’t feel too bad. 🙂

  2. Care to share your garden knowledge? I think we’re scaling back this year and will save mega gardening for 2012.

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