finding my One Word: 2011

i’m feeling surly lately.  sort of like, “knock knock.”  “who’s there?”  “fuck you.”

if you were to ask me today what 2011 holds in store, i’d say it’s the year of Bullshit Intolerance.  i just don’t have patience for it.  i want to cultivate the relationships, the interests, and creative pursuits that fuel me, and cut loose all the dead weight that adds little or no value to my life.  unload the crap.  focus on what matters.  release myself from activities and friendships that drain me and devote myself to the ones that are wholly fulfilling.  Bullshit Intolerance isn’t really a particularly inspiring standpoint.

it feels somewhat heartless and selfish when i look at it objectively, especially when i identify specifically the people that i want need to unload, but i’m feeling kinda pissy and for now i’m going to embrace it.

with the new year and the customary making of resolutions there is a lot of buzz about identifying a word that resonates with you and making that Your Word for the year; a word to guide you, a word to focus on, a word to define your intentions.  i chose the word simplify last year and i’m still working on really living that word.  i will continue to focus on finding simplicity this year but i’m still working to find my One Little Word for 2011.  so maybe it’s a combination of simplicity and authenticity:  being who i am, doing what i want to do, and saying, “that’s just not going to work for me” to the things and people that distract me from what matters most.


One Comment to “finding my One Word: 2011”

  1. I like it.

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