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July 23, 2010

oh, boy

the boy. oh, the boy. my love. he goes by many names: crosby, cros, wuvbug, chubbawuv, crosbadoodle picklehead. i am perfectly smitten with this little creature.

he loves tummy time, lifting his head and looking at his surroundings right-side up, but he’s learned to flip back onto his back when he wants to see the world from a more passive pose. he tries to roll from back to tummy and would totally have the skill mastered if not for that pesky arm that gets stuck under his wonderfully chubby goodness. the chub is undeniable; his thigh rolls are delicious. at his two-month appointment he weighed a bit over 12 pounds. by contrast, our daughter didn’t hit that weight until almost 5 months and is still a string bean of a child just weeks shy of her third birthday. the boy is a great eater. no breastfeeding struggles with this one. he loves to eat. he still spits up after every meal but it’s a happy spit and clearly not preventing weight gain, so I’m not concerned. soggy and sour-milk-scented, but not concerned.

and he sleeps! this is the most amazing thing because my daughter’s behavior had led me to believe that the person who coined the term “sleep like a baby” was full of shit. she just did not sleep. it was a battle from day one with her; hours and hours each night bouncing and rocking and swinging and shushing and crying (all of us, not just her). this little man is a different animal. he is (mostly) easy to put down at night, and he (mostly) naps pretty well each afternoon – can you hear me knocking on wood so as not to curse myself for saying this out loud. i don’t feel any of the horrific sleep deprivation I suffered when my daughter was a newborn. subsequently, I’m not struggling with the postpartum depression and anxiety I felt when she was young. (also: medication. it’s a good thing)

he’ll be 11 weeks old tomorrow. my chubby little peach. I can’t imagine life without him.