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July 24, 2010

how to rub me the wrong way. literally.

i went to one of those Discount Massage Places today out of desperation. i have a regular massage therapist, and shame on me for being disloyal, i should really know better, but today i needed someone to work out the knots, like NOW. the tension in my neck has been brewing and my jaw is pulled so far to the side it feels as though i’m kissing my own right ear. sadly, after an hour of work on it, i feel no relief.

the massage therapist was a mannish woman with a rather unfortunate build and a bad perm. i’m no expert, but i think she received her training through a correspondence course or perhaps she bought her license online. flat out, worst massage ever. i know i shouldn’t complain. after all, a bad massage is *still* a massage. that’s like complaining about bad sex. it’s still sex, right? how bad can it be? but my god, i had to refrain from crying out, “stop! just stop!” not even halfway through. i didn’t know what to do; it’s an awkward spot, that’s for sure. i felt rather vulnerable, seeing as there was nothing but a sheet separating my nakedness from this woman, so i didn’t want to insult her, but at the same time i was paying for this service so i wanted my money’s worth. the whole thing was like quick.quick.pinch.grab.grab.rub.pinch.rub.poke.poke not at all soothing. not at all therapeutic. all really grabby and totally manic.

there’s really no point to this whole story, other than to hear myself whine about a totally first-world problem (oh, boo-hoo, bad massage) but i’m out $39 plus tip and i still have a whacked out jaw and shoulders ratcheted up to my earlobes so i’m irritated. i shall be calling on the amazing superstar nanna, who is the absolute cat’s meow when it comes to massage therapists, to work me over good, and i shall never again stray. i’ve learned my lesson.

July 23, 2010

oh, boy

the boy. oh, the boy. my love. he goes by many names: crosby, cros, wuvbug, chubbawuv, crosbadoodle picklehead. i am perfectly smitten with this little creature.

he loves tummy time, lifting his head and looking at his surroundings right-side up, but he’s learned to flip back onto his back when he wants to see the world from a more passive pose. he tries to roll from back to tummy and would totally have the skill mastered if not for that pesky arm that gets stuck under his wonderfully chubby goodness. the chub is undeniable; his thigh rolls are delicious. at his two-month appointment he weighed a bit over 12 pounds. by contrast, our daughter didn’t hit that weight until almost 5 months and is still a string bean of a child just weeks shy of her third birthday. the boy is a great eater. no breastfeeding struggles with this one. he loves to eat. he still spits up after every meal but it’s a happy spit and clearly not preventing weight gain, so I’m not concerned. soggy and sour-milk-scented, but not concerned.

and he sleeps! this is the most amazing thing because my daughter’s behavior had led me to believe that the person who coined the term “sleep like a baby” was full of shit. she just did not sleep. it was a battle from day one with her; hours and hours each night bouncing and rocking and swinging and shushing and crying (all of us, not just her). this little man is a different animal. he is (mostly) easy to put down at night, and he (mostly) naps pretty well each afternoon – can you hear me knocking on wood so as not to curse myself for saying this out loud. i don’t feel any of the horrific sleep deprivation I suffered when my daughter was a newborn. subsequently, I’m not struggling with the postpartum depression and anxiety I felt when she was young. (also: medication. it’s a good thing)

he’ll be 11 weeks old tomorrow. my chubby little peach. I can’t imagine life without him.

July 19, 2010

good news is the best news

my friend, Cathy, has been writing about her struggle with secondary infertility over on her blog. it’s an amazingly candid and honest account of a topic that is often misunderstood and overlooked. Cathy recently found out that she is pregnant, and today she found out that she’s carrying twins. I am so happy for you, Cathy. I am so excited to read all about your journey growing O’s siblings.

July 19, 2010

my supergirl

July 18, 2010

I need a vacation, mental and actual

I could make a list of 856 things that are annoying me right now, but could not tell you the reason why. it seems that my tolerance for irritation is low and my patience has worn thin. is it the heat? the hormones? the monotony of nurse, shush, sleep, repeat while tending to the other lovebug whose patience is also tenuously fragile and whose applecart is easily upset?

I find myself on the verge of a snap with uncomfortable frequency. I close my eyes, take a breath, and splay my fingers out in their most un-clenched position as if to expel the tension through their tips, yet still the frustration mounts. my neck and jaw, where i hold my stress, ache from the constant tension. the craving, nay, the need, for a glass of wine is irresistible.

but still, there is joy. the baby boy is such a peach, and he is proving to be less of a challenge than his sister was in her infancy. he is full of smiles and has gloriously large, inquisitive eyes. he loves to snuggle and eats like a champ. my daughter is full of love and laughter, and so perfectly almost-three; full of personality and independence, gussied up in a tutu yet covered with bumps and bruises from relentless climbing.running.jumping faster, mommy, fasterfasterfaster! she astounds me with her creativity every day and leaves me shaking my head in utter disbelief at all she is capable of and all she knows.

time seems to be flying at a breakneck speed and i fear that this summer will be gone before we’ve really gotten to enjoy it. there’s so much to do yet I feel like I’m doing a whole lot of nothing. I just need to slow down and breathe, live in the moment, find stillness, and savor the tiny moments of silence should they happen to arise.

July 11, 2010

my buddy, 9 weeks old