life list

1. visit kenya and stay in the giraffe manor

2. spend time in an ashram in a silent meditation retreat

3. buy an old barn and rehab it into a home

4. live in a treehouse

5. live in a foreign country for an extended period of time

6. take a honeymoon with my husband…somewhere warm and tropical

7. grow a real veggie garden and eat fresh produce all summer

8. read the major works in all world religions

9. run a real marathon (i’ve run the whole 26.2 before as part of a training program, i just never did the actual race)

10. become a yogi

11. survive motherhood the second time around

12. learn to swing on a trapeze

13. watch my daughter perform in a dance recital

14. knit a wearable pair of gloves

15. take voice lessons

16. see the sunset in santorini

17. travel by train through europe

18. make homemade ice cream

19. bring orange slices to my kids’ soccer games at half-time

20. go a month (or maybe just a week) without spending any money

21. conquer fear by donning a beekeeper’s suit and tending to a swarming hive of bees

22. take my husband to a world cup soccer game

23. sell a photograph that i’ve taken

24. tour an aircraft carrier

25. organize a parade

26. get carl kasell’s voice on my home answering machine

27. perfect a “go to” menu (with all the courses) that i can whip up for guests on short notice

to be continued….


6 Comments to “life list”

  1. LOVE number 26, but then I’ve met the man and he is amazing!!


  3. #’s 3 and 16 are dreams of mine, too. What a lovely list.

  4. Awesome list! #26 cracks me up. Getting on NPR was totally one of my dreams too, so you know why I was so excited to be on Science Friday (that it ended up being about SCIENCE is one of my life’s great ironies.)

  5. pps- I can’t believe with a list like this you hated Eat Pray Love.

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