21 things in 12 months

this year, i’d like to:

1. potty train my daughter

2. enjoy the rest of my pregnancy without complication and welcome our baby boy into the world

3. track our spending and live (mostly) according to the budget guidelines we’ve set

4. realign our financial priorities to meet future goals

5. find a loving home for our dog so that she gets the attention she deserves

6. manage the transition to life with a newborn with patience, grace, and sanity

7. run 200 miles in a 6 month period, sometime after the baby comes

8. enter and run a 10K in the fall

9. finish projects i’ve started, instead of letting them linger while i move on to other things

10. plan and go on dates with my husband…get a babysitter to watch the kid(s)

11. take a weekend getaway with my husband – no kids – maybe in late fall.  leave the monkeys with the grandparents

12. finish the last remaining bits of baseboard that need to be installed (or delegate this task to my husband)

13. learn to use a power saw without fear of amputation

14. organize our endless piles of crap

15. purge: sell or donate excess clutter we don’t need

16. learn about gardening, maybe plant a few things this spring

17. bake bread regularly

18. weekly trips to the zoo when the weather permits

19. visit the aquarium

20. learn how to use my camera better.  learn to use photoshop better.  use my camera more.

21. be better about not leaving dirty dishes in the sink over night


3 Comments to “21 things in 12 months”

  1. Rehome your dog?! Instead of dumping your dog onto someone else, why don’t you just INCLUDE her the several activities you do with your kid(s)? Taking the kid(s) for a walk…bring the dog. Running 200 miles in 6 months…bring the dog. Gardening…bring the dog outside while you garden. IT’S NOT THAT DIFFICULT! I feel sorry for your dog. Please don’t get another one ever again! Unlike diapers, they are NOT disposable!

  2. yes, anonymous. rehome my dog. i hesitated including it on my list, for fear of negative reactions of others, but i decided that this is my blog and finding a new home for the dog is something that we’ve decided needs to be done, so on the list it goes. but thank you for posting a judgmental comment behind the veil of anonymity without even knowing the situation with the dog. if you’re interested in a neurotic black lab with aggressive tendencies and unpredictable behavior, you can be the first in line to volunteer your home and open arms.

  3. Anonymous is right, you shouldn’t rehome the dog. Instead, and I’m pretty sure this is what Anonymous was really saying, you should just shoot it. That would save everyone a lot of time.

    Anonymous, is this something you could handle?

    “Do you have any hobbies?”
    “Yes, I like to shoot dog.”
    “You like Snoop Dogg?”
    “No, I like to shoot dog. You know (makes hand pistol) shoot dog.”

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