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December 20, 2009

it’s a…

boy.  sorry for that cliffhanger.

December 7, 2009

in three days…

we find out if the baking baby has girl bits or boy bits.  we’re also meeting with a genetic counselor to go over some test results that my regular OB wasn’t totally comfortable interpreting on her own, but i’m feeling confident that this meeting is just an added precaution and that everything in there is just fine and dandy.  i’m getting antsy.

December 4, 2009

perspective and gratitude

i woke up this morning with a cold.  i felt as if my ears had been stuffed with cotton, my lungs were full of sand, and my sinuses had been invaded by an angry troop of fire ants.  poor me, right?  and then i started crying when i thought about heather.  here i was griping about a head cold when heather just lost her life.  that puts a head cold into perspective mighty quick.

heather was the wife of a friend from school.  she is not someone i knew well, but i’d met her on a handful of occasions and knew her well enough to know that she was a wonderful person.  she was diagnosed with breast cancer in october of 2008, shortly after the birth of their third child.  her cancer spread rapidly but the love and support of her friends and family grew at an even faster pace, rallying around her with hope and prayers until the very end.  she fought the disease with grace and dignity but, tragically, she lost her battle last saturday.

since her diagnosis, and even more so since her passing, i have found myself sobbing uncontrollably when i think of heather.  she was young, only 34 years old, and the mother of three young children.  she was a good person. she was kind and generous.  she was strong in her faith, devoted to her family, a loving wife and mother, and a caring friend.  it all just seems so unfair.  why her?  why so young?  why now?  what lesson is there to be learned from her illness and loss?  how do you make sense of it?

i think her passing has really struck me because she represents me, in a way: 30-something woman, wife, mother, friend, seemingly in good health.  and then the unthinkable.  it really makes me recognize my own mortality, but more than that it makes me focus on the preciousness of every single day.  i am so blessed to have an amazing daughter and another little baby on the way, i have an amazing husband, a warm home, a healthy able body, and plenty of food to eat.  but none of those blessings are guaranteed.  it could all be taken away tomorrow.

it’s easy to take all these things for granted, especially when bogged down by the ins and outs of the daily grind (not to mention the distress of sinus congestion ::waaah::), but i’m consciously trying to slow down and be thankful for all the little moments and the tiny blessings in my life.  i guess that’s the lesson to take from all this; gratitude for every moment and appreciation for every day.  i am grateful that i have the opportunity to count my blessings.