a few more words on birthing

1) i want to assert that i do not feel inadequate because of my birth experience.  i do not feel like a failure.  i hope it didn’t come off that way, as that was not my intention.

2) my previous birth is what it is;  i can’t change anything about it now and i’m fine with that.  what i can change, however, is my mindset about the birth and labor process going forward with this pregnancy, and that is pretty exciting.

3) i would have liked for my labor to have progressed differently, but the outcome of a c-section birth and a vaginal birth are the same. i have a healthy baby and i wouldn’t change that for the world.

4) i don’t really believe that i didn’t give birth in the literal sense.  that statement and my reaction to it is really just an argument of semantics that i had never even thought of before.  the labor and delivery are just a tiny little piece of the puzzle.  the previous 40 weeks of creating a human and the lifetime that follows are the important parts.  philosophically, it is an interesting debate but in the grand scheme of thing it really doesn’t matter.  at least not to me.

okay, now that’s like 1,700 words about birth…i think that’s enough for now.


One Comment to “a few more words on birthing”

  1. awesome posts, liz. you are a great mama with all of your mega-love and intention. i have also thought a lot about all the ways babies get born, and had 2 very different birth experiences that i am so happy to share as you contemplate avery’s and your new little baby’s. how neat and beautiful a time of contemplation you are in right now!


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