ain’t nothing more exciting than talking about potty training, right?

potty training.  potty learning.  whatever you call it, it’s not happening here.  i haven’t really pushed it because i don’t want to force my daughter before she’s ready, and yesterday she gave me a very obvious sign that she’s not ready.

i took her diaper off for a change and then told her to run naked for a while to air out.  “just tell mama if you need to go potty, okay?”

she looked at me, frozen in place.

“let me know if you need to go pee pee, baby.”

and then she wailed, “noooooooooooo!  i need a diaper!  diaper, please!”  only when she says “diaper” it comes out as “dahhhpyah” so it’s extra super cute even if she is howling.

okay.  cue, followed.  check.  not ready for a diaper-free tushie.

we bought her a potty at least six months ago and she’s used it successfully two or three times.  mostly she likes to sit on it for a nanosecond, wipe well, and flush the big potty.  actually sitting long enough to use it? not happening.  i don’t want to push it if she’s not ready, she’s only two months past her second birthday so it’s not like she’s way behind or anything, but i would love to have her out of diapers by the time the new baby comes.  maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

got any tips, momma friends?


4 Comments to “ain’t nothing more exciting than talking about potty training, right?”

  1. OMG!! Ok so finally I found you again. 🙂 I have been missing my Liz updates. CONGRATS (again) on the pregnancy!! Yay for what sounds like a boy 🙂 🙂 But anyway.

    For potty training… She’ll tell you. Arwen woke up on her 2.5 year birthday (to the date) and said, “I’m all done with diapers. Big girl panties please.” And that was pretty much it. She just DID it. Yes, we’d introduced the potty seat, and she had mostly played on it. But she was ready when she was ready. That is what worked for us. 🙂

  2. thanks, kristen. yeah, i’ve been bouncing my blogs about a bit, but this one is here to stay. i paid for the domain name so i better use it, right?

    thanks for the encouragement. i know avery will use the potty some day so i’m not worried. i was sort of a late trainer too, as my mom likes to remind me. often.

  3. OMG, our girls are seriously in parallel universes in our two houses. K will sit happily on the potty for a few minutes–AS LONG as her diaper is on. I breathe one word about a diaper-free tushie and I get NO! NO! NO! Diaper PLEASE?? I mean, when they’re even driven to say please, how can you break out the bullwhip?

  4. Owen was a nanosecond sitter too. I bribed him to sit with M&Ms (whatever works was my motto.) Then I would sit him on the potty in front of the TV–you can watch XYZ if you sit on the potty (he only watches 30 minutes a day, so it was hit or miss). If he went on accident and got LOTS of M&Ms. After that he was sold. He’d pee 2 drops at a time for a piece of candy. He probably ate more candy that week than before, but he was really pretty easy to train (yup, I think of it as training, like with a dog). Poop took a while longer b/c he had some unrelated constipation issues.

    He was also in daycare and seeing others use the potty, so that might have helped.

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