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September 30, 2008

random things i am thinking about right now

i love flossing my teeth.  the sensation rivals that achieved by a good clean swipe of a q-tip in the ear.  both? pure sensory heaven for me.  

i am thinking about trying a neti pot for my allergy/sinus related issues.  people have been telling me for years to use one but the thought using a nose-douche skeeves me out and frankly i fear that it will feel like drowning, but i am sick of stuffed up sinuses and ears so i figure it’s worth a shot.

i have a hard time believing that my Wii fit age is 37 when i am just shy of being 31, and a relatively fit and healthy 31 at that. also, it told me that i am a “yoga novice.”  clearly my Wii fit is a liar, except when it told me that i have a normal BMI…i accept that evaluation.  it also told my husband that his Wii fit age is 50!  ha!  i can’t see this turning into a little competition or anything….nope.  not at all.  

my husband and i should really write a book about dorks in love.  as i came to the bottom of the stairs and illuminated my iphone screen to help guide my way up the treacherous 6 steps to the top of the landing, i saw that my husband was standing on the landing with his Blackberry held aloft to light my path and guided me the rest of the way upstairs.  aaah, my torchbearer.  two years into this marriage and he still finds new ways to surprise me with his chivalry.  

i’ve got a new project i’m diving into tomorrow.  more details forthcoming

in keeping with the loose thematic thread of health and the cleaning out of body goo, i am thinking about starting a cleanse of some sort.  i don’t know what, yet, but i know that i have to do something about my digestion.  when the following conversation takes place in your living room more than once, you know it’s time.   

ME: dude, i wouldn’t walk over that way if i were you  <circling my arms to indicate large area of toxic fumes radiating around me.  circling of arms probably counter productive as they served to waft the offensive fumes all around the room>

HUSBAND:  dude?!  you fart like a man!  ugh!  <runs and covers nose with shirt>

ME:  yes, but you married me anyway, remember?  happy anniversary!  

and there you have my confession, folks.  i’m kinda gassy.  i hope it’s not lactose intolerance because cheese and ice cream are two of my best friends.  i’d be sad to see them go. 

i’m trying really really super really hard to break a “habit” that i’ve had for a long, long time.  it’s not really a habit as much as it is a DSM diagnosed mental health “quirk” that makes me the unique creature i am today, but i’m ready for it to be gone.  i’m trying to stay positive and say “YES!  i can do this” but i don’t know that i really can.  i’ve tried many times over the years to fix it, but part of me doesn’t even know i want this “quirk” to go away.  part of me likes this “quirk”, but i know that there will be benefits and rewards to being “quirk-free”

time for bed.  i hope i sleep well.

September 30, 2008

two down, a lifetime to go

two years ago today i stood beneath a spectacular, cloudless colorado blue sky, awash in the glow of the vibrant yellow aspen trees, and I vowed to love, honor and respect my best friend. I vowed to cheer with him when the steelers win, and give him space when they don’t. I promised to always be his number-one fan. I didn’t make any promises to watch English premiere league soccer or take part in endless discussions about fantasy football, however, so I still reserve the right to seek out “me time” on saturdays, sundays, mondays, and thursdays, particularly between the months of September and January.

we’ve been through a lot in the last two years, some days it feels more like 20. there is no one in this world I would rather spend my life with. thank you for loving me, supporting me, tolerating my insanity, spoiling me, working so hard for our family, and being the best husband and baby-daddy in the world.

September 26, 2008

i'm going to go live on a hippie commune

i don’t care about handbags, i never wear jewelry other than my wedding ring and a toe ring that’s been on my foot for 15 years, i am barefoot 90% of the time (the other 10% i am wearing flip flops), i don’t give a rat’s ass about fashion, i eat organic food, i don’t wear makeup, i cloth diaper my baby, i dream about planting a huge garden (after i get my black thumbs replaced with green ones), i listen to NPR obsessively, i believe in liberty and justice for all, and i meditate and do yoga daily.  i think i’d fit right in. 

do you think hippie communes have wi-fi?

September 26, 2008

up next: fire and brimstone

::zzzztttt  ppppfffffff::

that’s the sound of my brain shutting off.  it’s a matter of self-preservation at this point.  i can’t watch the news, i can’t think about politics, i can’t listen to one more word about wall street and the economy and trillion-dollar bailouts, and OHMYGOD if i have to hear another word out of sarah palin’s mouth i am going to reach through the tv and grab her fucking rifle and whack her over the head with it.  

it’s all just too much.

we are fortunate, though.  my husband has a job.  i have an education, so if push came to shove i could get a job.  we have a lovely, comfortable home.  we are not saddled with mountains of “bad” debt (let’s all agree that student loans are “good” debt, okay?), we have health insurance (unlike 46 million of my fellow americans – let’s talk about that for a second, senator mccain).

i care about politics, i care passionately about this election.  i am scared to think about what could happen if the republicans continue to control the white house.  i am terrified to imagine my daughter growing up in a country where women don’t have the right to choose, where she will not get a decent education, where human rights and civil liberties no longer exist.  

i urge every single person in this country to register AND vote.  study the candidates, study the issues, determine what is important to you and to the future of this country.  as a woman, as a mother, as an american, and as a human, i truly believe that the future is in OUR hands.  

if you hear me screaming at the tv during the debate tonight, please bring wine.

September 24, 2008

reason #205397 i love my husband

he stopped at a farm stand today to buy me flowers, but the flowers sucked so he bought me some fresh peaches instead.  peaches taste way better than flowers.

September 22, 2008

quick post, i'm sleepy

i had a phenomenal weekend in breckenridge with three amazing friends, or as we four compadres like to consider ourselves, sister-wives.  after a long vetting process in which we touted the virtues, skill sets, and physical apperarance of a wide range of candidates, we nominated george clooney to become the leader of our harem.  we may have arrived at this decision after much wine, but we feel confident that he will be a good addition.

September 17, 2008


i am taking things a little too seriously today, getting my feathers ruffled too easily, thinking that nobody likes me everybody hates me, kiss my ass while i go eat worms.  


September 16, 2008

six random things about me

my friend kerry tagged me to post six random things about me:

here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you
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5. Let each person you have tagged know by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is posted.

my random things….

1. i have geographic tongue, it gets worse if i eat walnuts or drink red wine.  i think it’s also related to allergies which cause my nose to run constantly, mostly out of my right nostril.  drip, drip, drip….

2. my husband and i don’t share a bedroom.  we never have, and probably never will.  i have too many sleep-related issues to share a bed, and he snores.  plus, i’m selfish and like my space. 

3. i broke my right arm when i was three years old by falling out of a tree.  my brother and i were playing “fireman” pretending to rescue the cat out of the tree.  i was so excited when my brother asked me to play with him that i didn’t bother wasting time to find my shoes so i ran out the door wearing a pair of his soccer cleats that were way too big for me.  i slipped when i was climbing (with a rope to tie to the cat!) and fell out of the tree.  

4. i can name all the US presidents in order to the tune of “yankee doodle”.

5. my husband and i have never had a christmas tree together.  we’ve always traveled for the holidays, either to visit my family in the mountains or his family in oklahoma, so we’ve never bothered to put one up.  now that we have a kiddo, i really want to get a tree and make it part of our family holiday tradition.

6. i know all the words to “the humpty dance” and i will most likely sing along (and dance! oh, the horror) if you play it for me.  i also may or may not have this gem on my ipod right now.  

my tags….i will do later.  right now i am just tagging kristen because i don’t know six people with blogs who will actually want to be tagged.

1. kristen

2 – 6. ummmm….anyone want to be tagged?

September 14, 2008

right now i am…

savoring the silence

loving the rain

wanting to redecorate the house

in need of a vacation

irritated that i frequently bail on commitments, mostly to myself

battling my sweet tooth and losing 

not eating enough veggies

loving oxy-clean

wondering if i should run another half-marathon

feeling sloppy – i need a haircut

craving mediterranean food

missing my baby even though she is just in the next room, sound asleep

looking forward to fall

dreading winter

stuck in a bit of a “mean girl” phase

bad at finishing things i’ve started

wanting a dyson vacuum

thinking about photography

listening to wait, wait…don’t tell me!

wasting a lot of time

calm, feeling like i finally have things mostly under control

September 12, 2008

things i'm loving today

sleeping with extra quilts on rainy nighs

oreo cookies

kris pinot grigio

the new joshua radin album “simple times”…seriously, download this album, and while you’re at it you should download all his albums.  

my new “viva la stewart” t-shirt (see post below)

yoga pants

feeling invigorated after a good run, especially since i really didn’t want to run today but i’m so glad i did

tina fey 

kisses from my baby, complete with a little “muah!” sound when she presses her lips to mine.  heart! exploding!